10 best cities in Poland to visit

Poland may not be on top of many people’s bucket lists as a top European destination but it should be. The best cities in Poland to visit stretch from the Tatra Mountains in the south to the waters of the Baltic Sea in the north.

From a country that suffered deeply in WW2 to a now emerging destination with the largest amount of UNESCO World Heritage sites in Central Europe, Poland’s best cities are an interesting mix of attractions, history, and culture.

Why should you visit Poland?

Warsaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are popular Poland cities to visit but do not stop there. Poland is a beautiful country with many interesting tourist destinations. While it is known for its heartbreaking past there is so much to discover when you visit Poland.

Sightseeing in Poland is easy with many organised tours, free walking tours and public transport within the cities in Poland. The best Polish cities will have you out exploring attractions all day

Food is also a great way to experience Poland’s biggest cities. From hearty, filling meals to their world-famous dumplings and pierogi, you will find a delight while you are touring the best cities in Poland.

Where are the best cities in Poland?

The best cities in Poland to visit for tourists are the capital cities of Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Bialystok, Lodz, Lublin and Gdansk. These Poland cities offer a variety of activities and attractions that are sure to please tourists of all ages when you visit Poland.

Best cities to visit in Poland – Warsaw

Warsaw, the capital is a must-see in Poland, it is a city rich in history and culture. It’s a popular tourist destination in Poland for those interested in learning more about the country’s past.

Warsaw old town in the winter
Warsaw – the best city in Poland

There are many museums and historical sites to visit in Warsaw, as well as restaurants and shops to enjoy. Warsaw is also home to vibrant nightlife, with plenty of clubs and bars to choose from. For many, Warsaw is at the top of the best cities in Poland to visit with its World War II history and diverse architectural styles. The best city breaks in Poland must include Warsaw.

Best things to do in Warsaw: Warsaw Old Town, Warsaw Castle, Palace of Science and Culture, POLN Museum, Warsaw Uprising Museum. Warsaw food tour.

Things to see near Warsaw: Treblinka Concentration Camp

Places to stay in Warsaw:

Making your trip to Warsaw hassle-free is paramount, and getting the best accommodation in Warsaw for your vacation to Poland is extremely important. Below are plenty of options for your holiday in Warsaw.




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Poland’s best cities – Krakow

One of the best places in Poland to visit is the historic city of Kraków, renowned for its stunning architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Krakow, the former royal capital, is an amazing city to visit in Poland.

There is so much to see and do in this Polish city, you could easily spend a week or two exploring Krakow and everything it has to offer visitors.

Krakow one of the best cities in Poland
Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities in Poland

The Krakow Old Town is absolutely beautiful, and it’s easy to get around on foot. There are also plenty of interesting cultural sites, churches and other historical sites to check out.

Kraków once the capital of Poland is also home to some great places to stay, restaurants and bars. If you’re looking for a fun city with a lively nightlife scene, Krakow is one of the best cities in Poland to visit.

Best things to do in Krakow: Wawel Castle, Market Square, Kraków Old Town, St Marys Basillica, Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory, National Museum in Kraków.

Best things to see near Krakow: Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Wieliczka Salt Mine

Places to stay in Kraków:

Krakow is often considered the best place to visit in Poland due to its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant cultural scene. Finding the best accommodation in Krakow is easy.

There are so many options for budget travel all the way to luxury travel in Krakow. Below we have some great accommodation options in Krakow for your trip to Poland.





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Zakopane – best cities in Poland

Zakopane is a town located in the southernmost region of Poland. Nestled in the Tatra Mountains, Zakopane is a popular tourist destination for people looking to enjoy the outdoors. No matter what the season there are so many options when you visit Zakopane.

snow covered streets in Poland
Krakow is one of the nicest cities in Poland

Visitors to Zakopane can enjoy hiking and skiing in the winter, and sightseeing and swimming in the summer. Zakopane is also known for its traditional Polish culture and cuisine, making it one of Poland’s best cities in any season.

The best things to see in Zakopane: Tatry National Park, Gubalowka Cable Car, Krupowki Shopping Street, Zakopane Ski Jump, and The Tatra Museum.

Places to stay in Zakopane:

In Zakopane, you will find one of the most unique accommodations in Poland. Traditional wooden houses are dotted through the city as well as ski chalets and amazing hotels.




Best Poland cities – Wroclaw

There are plenty of things to see and do in Wrocław. The lovely old town of Wroclaw with its cobbled streets is a particularly beautiful area, with a lovely cathedral, historic town square and river running through it.

The colorful buildings are featured on many postcards and are a picture-perfect backdrop when you visit Wroclaw.

the most beautiful city in Poland with colourful houses in Wroclaw
The best Poland cities for stunning buildings include Wroclaw

Be sure to check out the statues of the gnomes – small, gnome-like creatures that are said to bring good luck, which are spread out around the city, which is a great free activity in Wroclaw. The city centre is home to many bars and restaurants in the area, making it one of the cool places in Poland

Best things to see in Wroclaw: Market Square, Cathedral of St John the Baptist, National Museum, Aquapark Wroclaw, Museum of Contemporary Art, Gnome statues

Things to see near Wroclaw: Ksiaz Castle

Best places to stay in Wroclaw:

Wroclaw accommodation is easy and there are many that have great access to all the best tourist attractions in Wroclaw.




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Rzeszów – best city breaks in Poland

Rzeszow is a small city located in southeastern Poland and a gateway to Ukraine. Although Rzeszow is not as well-known as some other tourist destinations in Poland, it is worth a visit.

Pink Blue Travel Youtube Thumbnail 1 19
Rzeszow is one of the underrated places to visit in Poland

The city is home to a number of interesting historical sites, including The Main Market Square whose churches and synagogues are among the best preserved in the country, a castle, and a cathedral. There are also a few good restaurants and bars in Rzeszow, along the main street of Sandomierz and the people are friendly and welcoming.

Best things to see in Rzeszow: Lubomerski Castle, Multimedia Fountain, Rzeszow Market Place, and Revolution Monument.


Best places to stay in Rzeszow:

Take the hassle out of planning a trip to Rzeszow with these accommodation ideas.




Best Poland cities – Lodz

Lodz, the third-largest city in Poland, is a major cultural centre. Located in central Poland, Lodz is a city that is well worth a visit on your trip to Poland. While it may not be as well known as some other Polish cities, Lodz has a lot to offer tourists.

Lodz has a beautiful historic old town
One of Poland’s most beautiful cities, Lodz

The city’s history dates back to the fifteenth century, and there are plenty of historical sights to see such as The Old Town with its Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Lodz is also home to a number of museums and art galleries including The Manufaktura, a large open-air museum. There are plenty of restaurants and bars to enjoy along Piotrkowska Street.

Things to do in Lodz: Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz Zoo, Herst Palace Museum, Fala Aquapark, Lodz Ghetto, Lodz Museum of Independence. Manufaktura, Palace of I. Poznański, Old Town walking tour

Things to see near Lodz: Uniejów Thermal Baths,


Best places to stay in Lodz:

On your vacation to Lodz, there are numerous places to stay. Chose the best Lodz accommodation for your stay with the options below.




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Poznan – Best cities in Poland

Poznan, located in western Poland, is a city with plenty of history and culture to offer visitors. The Old Town Square is an amazing location, while The Archcathedral Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul is the oldest cathedral in Poland.

Poznan, Poland’s most beautiful cities

There are many museums and the beautiful Poznan Royal Castle to explore, as well as lively nightlife and plenty of restaurants serving up traditional Polish cuisine. Poznan is also a great base for exploring the rest of Poland, with easy access to both the Baltic Sea and the mountains making Poznan one of the best cities in Poland.

Things to do in Poznan: Poznan Royal Castle, Poznan City Tour, Poznan Croissant Museum, Citadel Park, Museum of Armoured Weapons, Poznan National Museum.

Best places to stay in Poznan:

Poznan is one of the top tourist destinations in Poland so you will find a wealth of accommodation for your stay in Poznan.




Poland city breaks – Gdansk

One of the best places in Poland to visit is the charming city of Gdansk. Gdansk is a city in northern Poland on the Baltic Sea and is the capital of Pomerania Voivodeship. Gdansk’s historical old town and its architecture are notable tourist attractions. The city is well known for its amber, which can be found in jewellery and other items throughout the city.

Gdansk Poland river
Gdansk is one of the largest cities in Poland

Gdansk is a popular Baltic coast tourist destination in Poland, with attractions including the Gdańsk Old Town, Main Square, Town Hall, Artus Court, and Neptune’s Fountain. There are also plenty of churches and other historical sites to see in Gdansk one of the best cities in Poland.

Things to do in Gdansk: Museum of the Second World War, Neptune’s Statue, Pier in Sopot, Guided tour on a boat, The Amber Museum, Crane, the Branch of the National Maritime Museum, and Wisłoujście Fortress.

Things to see near Gdansk: Malbork Castle, Stutthof Concentration Camp

Best places to stay in Gdansk:

Making your trip to the Polish port city of Gdańsk hassle-free will ensure a wonderful trip to Poland. Getting the best accommodation in Gdansk for your vacation to Poland is extremely important. Below are plenty of options for your holiday in Gdansk.




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Beautiful cities in Poland – Lublin

Lublin, Poland is a city that is rich in history and culture. There are many attractions and sites to see in Lublin, which makes it a popular destination for tourists. Some of the most popular tourist destinations in Lublin include the Old Town, the Lublin Castle, and Kosciuszko Park. Lublin makes a great Poland holiday.

the square in Lublin Poland
Lublin makes the list of Poland cities to see.

The Old Town is a historic district that is full of beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets. The Lublin Castle is a medieval castle that was once used as a fortress. Kosciuszko Park is a large park that features gardens, ponds, and a zoo.

There are also many other attractions and sites to see in Lublin, including the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, the Holy Trinity Church, and the New Jewish Cemetery. Lublin is one of the best cities in Poland to visit.

Things to see in Lublin: Lublin Castle, Majdanek Concentration Camp, Crakow Gate, Lublin History Museum, Lublin Walking tour, Lublin Open Air Village Museum

Things to do near Lublin: Chelm Calk Mines

Best places to stay in Lublin:

Finding the best accommodation in Lublin is easy. There are so many options for budget travel all the way to luxury travel in Lublin. Below we have some great accommodation options in Lubin for your trip to Poland.




Bialystock – Poland cities

If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path destination to explore in Poland, then Bialystock, Poland is worth considering. This small town is located in the southeast of the country and is home to a number of tourist attractions and things to see making it one of the best cities in Poland off the beaten track.

a cathedral in Bialystok
Best towns in Poland

The most famous landmark in Bialystock is the Historic Old Town, full of winding streets, colourful buildings, and ancient churches making it one of the best places to visit in Poland

You can also visit the Bialystock Zoo, which is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, or take a trip to the nearby Biebrza National Park for some beautiful natural Polish scenery. There are also a number of restaurants and bars in Bialystock where you can sample traditional Polish cuisine.

Things to do in Bialystok: Branicki Palace, Army Museum in Bialystok, Kosciuszko Market Square, Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed, Jurajski Park Dinozaurów, City Walking Tour, Eat traditional foods

Things to see near Bialystok: European Stork farm, Tykocin, The Biebrza National Park

Best places to stay in Bialystok:

Easily find all the best accommodations in Bialystok from the selection below.




We hope this article from us here at Poland, Travel Expert on all the best city break destinations in Poland has encouraged you to book a trip to Poland. While Krakow is widely regarded as the best city to visit in Poland all of the above-mentioned places are top cities in Poland.

We are sure you will enjoy your vacation in many Poland towns and cities and find many things to do along the way. Anything from Luxury Poland Vacations to budget holidays can suit everyone in the major cities of Poland.

Poland Travel Expert is your ultimate guide to all things Poland. Your next trip to Poland will not be complete without our detailed Poland guides, Poland itineraries and Poland travel tips.

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