12 best things to do in Rzeszow with kids

Planning a trip to Poland with kids? While Krakow, Warsaw, and the Baltic Sea beaches are popular choices, consider venturing off the beaten path to Rzeszów. This charming medium-sized city in southeastern Poland offers a unique blend of history, innovation, and family-friendly activities. Often referred to as the “Capital of Innovation,” Rzeszów boasts a vibrant atmosphere and a surprising number of attractions to keep young minds engaged.

Where is Rzeszow in Poland?

Located in the heart of Poland’s southeastern region, Rzeszów welcomes families seeking a unique adventure. This charming city serves as the capital of the Podkarpacie Region and boasts a population of around 178,000 people.

For a mid-sized city, Rzeszów offers a vibrant atmosphere and a surprising abundance of attractions specifically designed to engage young minds and create lasting memories for the whole family.

What are the best things to do in Rzeszow with kids?

Rzeszów is a playground for families! This charming city in southeastern Poland offers a treasure trove of activities guaranteed to keep young minds engaged and create lasting memories. From historical exploration to interactive fun, Rzeszów caters to a variety of ages and interests.

Are you wondering what to do in Rzeszów with kids? Look no further! This city boasts some great age-appropriate activities, ensuring an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

Rzeszow Main Square 

Every family vacation needs a central hub, and Rzeszów’s Market Square perfectly fits the bill! This sprawling square, renowned for its beauty and cleanliness, offers a vibrant atmosphere that’s ideal for kids. Lined with a variety of restaurants and pubs, the Market Square provides convenient options for grabbing a delicious bite or refreshing drink, keeping everyone happy and fueled for exploration.

A Historical Gem: Rzeszów Town Hall

Dominating the Market Square is the Rzeszów Town Hall, a magnificent structure dating back to the 16th century. This historical landmark serves as a great starting point for your Rzeszów family adventure. While the Town Hall bell once signaled the start and end of market days, today, the charming Rzeszów bugle call resonates across the square every hour.

brick cellars that lie under the market square in Rzeszow Poland
Cellars in the Underground Tourist Route

Unearthing Rzeszów’s Past: A Family Adventure Beneath the Market Square

Rzeszów boasts a rich history dating back over 650 years! For families seeking a unique and educational experience, look no further than the Rzeszów Underground Tourist Route. This captivating 396-meter path delves beneath the bustling Market Square, connecting you to 25 historical cellars. Imagine exploring a network of passageways that once served as storage spaces for merchants centuries ago!

A Journey Through Time: Perfect for Inquisitive Minds

The Rzeszów Underground Tourist Route offers an immersive experience, transporting you back in time. Interactive exhibits and informative displays unveil the city’s fascinating past, bringing history to life for curious young minds. This unique attraction is a guaranteed hit for families seeking to explore beyond the surface and discover the hidden gems beneath Rzeszów’s vibrant Market Square.

Natural swimming pool Żwirownia

Summer in Rzeszów can get hot? Look no further than the city’s summer recreation area! This popular has a sandy beach, perfect for building sandcastles or simply soaking up the sunshine. For little ones, a dedicated mini-playground provides endless entertainment.

A Splashing Good Time Awaits!

Whether you love water sports or simply relax by the water, this spot caters to everyone. Dive into refreshing water for swimming or explore with kayaking or pedal boats. For those seeking a more relaxed activity, sunbathing or reading a book are excellent options.

Family-Friendly Fun in the Sun

The recreation area caters to families of all ages. A designated shallow water zone provides a safe and enjoyable space for young children to splash and play. Adults can enjoy deeper swimming areas, with depths reaching up to 2 meters. During the summer months, the area comes alive with locals and visitors alike, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

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Castles of Rzeszow for kids

Rzeszów boasts a rich history, and what better way to experience it than by exploring its captivating castles? While Podkarpacie offers a treasure trove of historical fortifications, Rzeszów itself holds two gems waiting to be discovered by curious families.

Unveiling Rzeszów’s Castle Secrets

Visit the castles to delve deeper into Rzeszów’s past. These historical landmarks offer a glimpse into bygone eras, sparking children’s imaginations and fostering a sense of adventure.

Stay tuned to learn more about Rzeszów’s fascinating castles!

Lubomirski Castle

One of Rzeszów’s most popular attractions for families is Lubomirski Castle. This historical landmark boasts a fascinating past, having served as a prison during various periods. Extensively restored between 1985 and 1993, the castle now houses the County Courthouse.

For exciting things to do in Rzeszow with kids visit a castle!
One of the main attractions in Rzeszow is the castle

While not the oldest castle in Rzeszów, visitors are drawn to its remarkably preserved bastions and moats, particularly the remnants of dry moats on the northern and eastern sides. History buffs can delve deeper inside the castle walls at the Museum of Law, which occasionally features exhibitions and performances.

Lubomirski Summer Palace – what to see in Rzeszow

Standing opposite Lubomirski Castle is the captivating Lubomirski Summer Palace. While this charming 17th-century structure is currently closed to the public as it houses the Regional Medical Council, it’s still worth grabbing a picture or two. For families exploring the castle grounds, the Summer Palace provides a wonderful opportunity for a memorable photo op, immortalizing your Rzeszów adventure.

Cartoon Museum in Rzeszow with kids

Remember those captivating bedtime stories from your childhood? The Muzeum Dobranocek (Museum of Goodnight Stories) in Rzeszów offers a delightful opportunity to rekindle that sense of wonder with your own children. This unique museum transports visitors back to a world of imagination, showcasing the magic behind beloved Polish fairytales.

A Visual Feast for All Ages

While the museum primarily functions as a showcase, with exhibits on display rather than interactive elements, it remains a captivating experience for families. Witnessing the artistry and detail poured into these beloved characters is a treat for all ages. The museum undoubtedly deserves a spot on your itinerary for things to do in Rzeszów with kids.

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Municipal promenade, 3 Maja Street

Just behind the Lubomirski summer palace is the famous 3 Maja Street, which is a former trade route. Maja Street can be found in the old town, which is also called Stare Miasto. People on a vacation in Rzeszow are able to enjoy the medieval architecture and the rich cultural heritage of this street. It was first mentioned in documents dating back to 1495 and has been preserved ever since.

the famous Maja street in Rzeszow Poland at dusk
Rzeszow attractions include Maja Street

mmerse yourself in Rzeszów’s rich history and vibrant culture with a stroll down 3 Maja Street (3rd of May Street). This charming pedestrian zone, formerly a bustling trade route, lies within the heart of the Old Town (Stare Miasto). First documented in 1495, 3 Maja Street boasts a remarkable legacy, showcasing well-preserved medieval architecture that transports visitors back in time.

A Feast for the Senses: Exploring 3 Maja Street

Lined with a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, 3 Maja Street caters to all tastes. Wander through the street, soaking in the ambiance and marveling at the architectural beauty. Affectionately called “Paniaga” by locals, this street comes alive each year on May 3rd with a vibrant street festival, offering a delightful taste of Rzeszów’s cultural heritage.

A Stroll Through Nature’s Embrace: Chestnut Street

For a nature-infused exploration, head to Chestnut Street. This picturesque avenue, adorned with mature chestnut trees, provides a welcome respite from the urban buzz. Imagine strolling beneath the leafy canopy, admiring the unique architectural styles of the buildings lining the street. Both 3 Maja Street and Chestnut Street offer the perfect setting for a relaxing family walk on a sunny day in Rzeszów.

Having fun in Rzeszow at FlyPark

Looking to add some energetic fun to your Rzeszów itinerary? The Rzeszów Trampoline Park is the perfect solution! This expansive park caters to all ages, featuring a variety of trampolines in various sizes to keep everyone jumping for joy.

Beyond Trampolines: A Fun-Filled Haven

But the thrills don’t stop at trampolines! The park offers a climbing wall to challenge little adventurers, and a thrilling footbridge over a sponge pool for a heart-pounding experience. With so much to explore and conquer, children can burn off energy in a safe and supervised environment.

Planning Your Visit:

The Rzeszów Trampoline Park offers excellent value for money, with courteous staff to ensure a seamless experience. To maximize the enjoyment, consider a two-hour ticket, as even the most energetic jumpers might need a break after that.

Ready to Bounce?

The Rzeszów Trampoline Park is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, offering an unforgettable escape for families seeking active entertainment. So lace up your sneakers and get ready to jump into a world of bouncing fun!

Street art in Rzeszow

Rzeszów boasts a unique open-air art gallery – its streets! Exploring the city’s vibrant street art scene is a fantastic free activity for families. From whimsical murals to thought-provoking pieces, there’s something to capture everyone’s imagination.

Hidden Gems Around Every Corner

Keep your eyes peeled for captivating street art as you wander through Rzeszów’s streets. One intriguing piece is the 3D “Łoś” airplane mural, cleverly positioned across two buildings for a striking visual effect.

A Tribute to Hollywood History

For movie buffs, a must-see is the mural depicting legendary actor Gary Cooper. This tribute is a nod to Rzeszów’s former resident, Fred Zinnemann, the acclaimed director behind the iconic Western film “High Noon” starring Cooper. The mural graces the wall of the house where Zinnemann was reportedly born, according to local Jewish community records.

Dive into an Underwater Adventure

Another captivating piece is the “Underwater World” mural. Starting on Lwowska Street by the stairs, this mural unfolds as you ascend, revealing a magnificent underwater scene teeming with life.

A Visual Feast for All Ages

Rzeszów’s street art scene offers a delightful and free way to explore the city’s creativity. With diverse styles and themes, these open-air artworks provide endless entertainment for families on a budget. So, keep your eyes open and discover the artistic treasures hidden throughout Rzeszów’s streets!

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Things To Do In Rzeszow Poland – Lino Skoczek Rope Park

Lino Skoczek Rope Park is one of the most popular attractions in Rzeszow and is one of the best things to do in Rzeszow with kids. It is a place that is designed for both children and adults. This park has something to offer to everyone, regardless of their age.

Rzeszow Poland Linoskoczek
Kids having fun on the ropes course

You will find four different rope courses onsite, starting with the easiest one for kids under 100 cm high, which is only 1.5 meters off the ground. For adventurous parents in Rzeszow, you can try the Orange route, which features obstacles such as a Downhill ladder, Zipline, Tarzan’s jump, Trapezes, Crossings, and more at Lino Skoczek Rope Park.

Malawa Fun Park for families in Rzeszow

Craving an action-packed escape near Rzeszów? Look no further than Malawa Fun Park, located just 10 kilometres from the city centre! This haven for outdoor enthusiasts caters to families seeking adventure and excitement.

Activities for Every Thrill Seeker

From heart-pounding paintball (including a safe, kid-friendly course!) to exhilarating zip lines, Malawa Fun Park offers something for everyone. Test your aim with archery or unleash your inner warrior with axe throwing. Parents can watch their little ones conquer the paintball course from a designated viewing tower, ensuring both fun and peace of mind.

A Day of Family Fun

Malawa Fun Park isn’t just about thrills; it’s about creating lasting memories with your family. Bring along your favorite food and take advantage of the on-site BBQ facilities for a perfect picnic lunch. After an exhilarating morning of activities, refuel and recharge before tackling the zip lines for a final burst of high-speed adrenaline

The Monument of Revolutionary Deeds

This iconic landmark in Rzeszów is known by locals as “Big” (or “Duży” in Polish) due to its impressive size and scale. Towering over the city, the monument boasts a unique, elongated shape that has sparked some creative nicknames, including “Rabbit Ears.” While its official name is the Monument of Revolutionary Deeds, the playful nicknames add to the monument’s local charm.pen_spark

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The Glass Bridge of Rzeszow

Rzeszów boasts two bridges that offer unique experiences for visitors. For thrill-seekers, the glass circular footbridge is a must-visit. This one-of-a-kind structure in Europe allows you to walk on glass, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the city below.

My project 97
The bridge is a popular tourist attraction in Rzeszow

Not a fan of heights? No problem! The nearby rainbow bridge over the Wisłok River offers a vibrant alternative. This colourful bridge is a visual treat, perfect for capturing memorable photos. And after your bridge adventure, treat yourself to some of the “best ice cream in Rzeszów” (according to locals!) from a nearby stall.

Christmas in Rzeszow

While you can’t experience it now in April, it’s important to note that Rzeszów transforms into a winter wonderland during the holiday season! The Rzeszów Christmas Market is a must-visit for families seeking a festive atmosphere.

A Feast for the Senses

Imagine twinkling with millions of multicoloured lights, a towering Ferris wheel, and the lively buzz of a Christmas market. Children will delight in a fun slide while everyone can marvel at the majestic Christmas tree. Wandering through the market stalls filled with seasonal treats and unique crafts will ignite the holiday spirit.

Plan Your Polish Winter Escape

If you’re dreaming of a magical winter escape, consider a Polish family holiday in Rzeszów during the Christmas season. The Rzeszów Christmas Market promises an unforgettable experience of festive cheer, making it a perfect winter destination.

Places to stay in Rzeszow

Great vacations with family start with some great vacation planning. When you are planning a trip to Europe with kids, you’ll never be short of options for your family accommodation in Poland.

There are many things to see in Rzeszow, including the Rzeszow Castle, the Underground Tourist Route, and the Lubomirski Palace, but you will need a place to stay.

In Rzeszow, you find a range of hotels, apartments, and hostels for families on holiday in Poland. You will be sure to be able to find something to fit singles, couples, families, and groups on every budget on your family trip to Rzeszow. 

We recommend searching the map below or using Hotellook and Agoda to find the best hotels in Rzeszow for your family vacation to Poland.

Rzeszow apartment alternative for your stay

If you prefer a home away from home-style accommodation when on your trip with children in Poland then an apartment is the best choice for you on your family vacation in Rzeszow. There are so many options for singles, families, and budget-friendly options in Rzeszow as well. Check out the map above to find the perfect apartment in Rzeszow on your family trip. 

How to get to Rzeszow

Rzeszow is the capital of the Podkarpacie region of Poland and is connected by highways, long distant buses, trains and planes all bringing people daily to the city. This makes Rzeszow one of the easiest destinations to get to in Poland.

  • Rzeszów–Jasionka Airport is an international airport located 10 km (6.2 mi) from the centre of the city of Rzeszów. Rzeszow airport is serviced by airlines such as LOT Polish Airlines, Ryanair and Wizzair.
    • Book an airport transfer from the airport to your city accommodation.
  • Rzeszow train station is connected to Warsaw and Krakow with direct trains. This makes accessing Rzeszow by train straightforward from most destinations in Poland and beyond.  Book your tickets to Rzeszow today with Omio
  • Rzeszow can be reached directly from Kraków and indirectly from anywhere across Poland and beyond. Flixbus tickets are available at great prices. Book your bus tickets to Rzeszow with Flixbus
  • If you plan to road trip with teenagers in Poland you can hire a car at any International airport and dealership across Europe. Have a car waiting at Rzeszow airport for your arrival. Book with Rentalcars for the largest options.
  • Maybe you want to make a trip cross-country? An RV is a great way to travel to Poland with kids.

What currency do I need for my trip to Poland?

The official currency you need to use in Poland is the Polish Zloty. We recommend that you get a Revolut travel money card, that can be loaded with multiple currencies and has nearly non-existent withdrawal fees to save you money.

Travel insurance for your Poland trip

Poland has a high quality of healthcare but in saying that travel insurance is still recommended for all travellers entering the country. The last thing you want is a huge bill for medical expenses should you require care on your family holiday in Rzeszow

We recommend using Travel Insurance Master, their website will compare the best deals from a number of providers and present you with the best value for money policy on the market. Click through to Insurance Masters to get a free quote.

Using your phone in Rzeszow with family

Relying on Wi-fi when you are travelling and sightseeing in Rzeszow with family can be hard. Making calls and staying in contact when you travel with children is a top priority. Plan your family trip to Poland and order your sim before you leave home to stop any stress about travelling, data and calls on your family vacation in Rzeszow.

Pocket Wi-Fi for your

You will be able to access free Wi-Fi at certain spots in Rzeszow. The best solution for staying connected to the internet is a 4G Pocket Wi-Fi hotspot. You can purchase a mobile hotspot device to keep and use on all your Poland holidays.

Rzeszów offers a captivating blend of history, vibrant culture, and delicious cuisine. Explore the city’s heart at the beautiful Market Square, and learn about the past at Rzeszów Castle, or indulge in the city’s lively nightlife. Foodies can tantalize their taste buds with local specialties or explore a world of flavors with international cuisine. Whether you crave a relaxing coffee break or a family-friendly adventure, Rzeszów has something for everyone.

Plan Your Rzeszów Escape

For a more comprehensive list of attractions and activities, consult local tourism websites. We at Poland Travel Expert hope this article has ignited your wanderlust and inspired you to plan your unforgettable Rzeszów adventure!

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