An epic 2 days in Warsaw itinerary

If you only have 2 days in Warsaw, we have the perfect 2 days in Warsaw itinerary for you, including the best things to do in Warsaw to maximise your experience. Our Warsaw itinerary has you spending 3 nights and 2 days exploring the Polish capital. We have created this guide to help you plan your next short stay or weekend in Warsaw!

What to do in Warsaw Poland in 2 days

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a city with a rich and varied history. From its early days as a small fishing village to being nearly destroyed in world war ii to its current role as one of the largest and most important cities in Europe, Warsaw has always been an important centre of culture and politics.

Today, the Polish city of Warsaw is home to a wide variety of museums, art galleries, and historical attractions, including the world-famous Chopin Museum. The old town district of Warsaw is also a major tourist attraction, with its narrow streets, colourful buildings, and lively nightlife for your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

The Warsaw old town buildings covered in snow
The Old Town area is included in any Warsaw 2 days Itinerary

When is the best time to visit Warsaw

Poland is a great country to visit any time of year, but the spring and summer months offer the most pleasant weather. Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, sees average temperatures in the low 60s during May and June. July and August are even warmer, with average highs in the mid-70s.

The fall months see temperatures drop back into the 50s and 60s, making it a great time to explore other parts of the country.

Poland can be cold and snowy in the winter months, so if you’re looking for a warm getaway, consider travelling to Poland during its peak season.

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Is 2 days enough in Warsaw?

Warsaw is an amazing city that you could spend weeks exploring, but this 2 days in Warsaw itinerary gives you the perfect way to spend two days in Warsaw.

Once you have sampled this progressive city, you’ll be inspired to plan your next trip to Warsaw and see even more the next time around! You will find plenty to do for singles, couples, and families in Warsaw.

How to save money on your Warsaw short break

Although Poland is a budget-friendly location, several of the best things to do in Warsaw sadly aren’t free for your short 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

This is where the Warsaw Pass takes centre stage for you what to see in Warsaw in 2 days trip. The Warsaw Pass includes a TON of the best Warsaw activities for a bundled price, including entrance to the Museum of the History of Polish Jews, Fryderyk Chopin Museum in Warsaw, Viewing terrace on the 30 floors of the Palace of Culture and Science and more.

You’ll be able to pick a pass by the number of days you want to use it to complement your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary. For instance, you can get a 24, 48 or 72-hour Warsaw Pass.

There’s a bunch of overlap with the activities we recommended in our itinerary. You’ll need to squeeze in as much as possible to make the All-Inclusive pass pay for itself, but it’s definitely doable.

We’ve included a little note in our 2 days in Warsaw itinerary if an activity is included on the Warsaw Pass, so if you’re on the fence, keep an eye out for those below!


2 days in Warsaw itinerary

We have two days in Warsaw to make the most of this great city. So here is a Warsaw itinerary for 2 days to help you get the best out of your trip to Warsaw. You wouldn’t want to miss out on all the best things to see in Warsaw.

Arrive in Warsaw

Our 2 day Warsaw itinerary starts with you arriving in Warsaw in the afternoon or evening before your first day. If arriving by car, find a parking garage for your Warsaw getaway, we used parking Podziemny Strzeżony TOWING which is close to the Warsaw Old Town.

If arriving by plane at Warsaw Fredric Chopin Airport book a hotel transfer and head to your Warsaw accommodation in the best Warsaw neighbourhoods to check-in.

Take a stroll around the area that you are staying in, familiarise yourself with your public transport option for tomorrow, and grab a bite to eat. Maybe try some Polish street food such as Zapiekanka.

A café in Warsaw with coffee and pastry
Make sure you grab a pastry and coffee during your Warsaw 2 days of fun

Day 1 of Warsaw in 2 days

A 2-day stay in any city means up early and ready to explore the best of Warsaw attractions. Head to the old town area of Warsaw to start day 1.

To start the day off, we recommend grabbing a coffee and some pastries from Café Baguette. You can either grab it to go or sit in this small but comfortable coffee shop on the edge of the Warsaw Old Town area before heading off to see the best Warsaw attractions.

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The Royal Castle of Warsaw

Warsaw is the capital of Poland and is home to many beautiful attractions. Our 2 days in Warsaw itinerary starts at one of the most popular tourist destinations in Warsaw is the Royal Castle. The Warsaw castle first dates back to the 13th century and has been rebuilt after it was destroyed completely in World War 2.

The Baroque-style castle is today, what it was like before it was destroyed having been painstakingly rebuilt from historic images.

Dusk in Warsaw old town with tourists walking around near the castle. The Old Town should be one of the places to visit on your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary
The Old Town is the most popular Warsaw attraction

The Royal Castle is open for tours seven days a week, and visitors can explore all four floors of the castle, as well as the gardens and courtyard. There are also several exhibits located inside the castle that showcase different aspects of Polish history.

The Royal Castle is definitely a must-see attraction in Warsaw, and it’s certain to impress visitors with its stunning architecture and rich history. Grab an audio guide and head off to explore the exquisite interiors. For art lovers, you will find 2 original Rembrandt paintings inside.

For a stunning picture of the Royal Castle head to the nearby old town observation tower. Its located only 100 meters away and is a must when visiting Warsaw.

The Royal Palace can be accessed from Castle Square and is the top attraction on your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

Stroll through the Old Town of Warsaw

A stroll through Warsaw’s Old Town is a journey into the city’s rich history and enchanting ambience. Begin at Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta), the vibrant heart of Old Town, with its colourful restored townhouses, charming cafes, and bustling atmosphere.

After leaving town market square visit the magnificent Royal Castle (Zamek Królewski) nearby, an iconic symbol of Polish royalty, and explore its exquisite interiors, including the Royal Apartments and the Great Assembly Hall.

Marvel at the intricate Gothic architecture of St. John’s Archcathedral (Archikatedra św. Jana) and soak in its historical significance. Admire the Warsaw Mermaid Statue, a beloved symbol of the city, and capture memorable photos.

Wander through the picturesque cobblestone streets and alleys, discovering hidden gems along the way. You could consider doing a free walking tour to lean more about Warsaw’s history. Explore Kanonia Square, known for its charming houses and the famous Sigismund’s Bell.

Take in the beauty of the Old Town Market Place and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere, maybe have some delicious Polish food. Pay homage to the heroes of the Warsaw Uprising at the poignant Warsaw Uprising Monument.

Conclude your stroll in this UNESCO World Heritage Site at Castle Square (Plac Zamkowy), enjoying the view of the Royal Castle and the statue of King Sigismund III Vasa. With its historical landmarks, captivating architecture, and vibrant ambience, Warsaw’s Old Town offers an unforgettable experience.

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Eat traditional polish food in Warsaw

In Warsaw, you can indulge in traditional Polish cuisine with a variety of mouthwatering dishes. One of the most popular Polish foods is pierogi, dumplings filled with cheese, potato, meat, or fruit. The traditional Bigos a hearty hunter’s stew made with sauerkraut, cabbage, meat, and mushrooms.

Try delicious Polish foods such as sour rye soup, żurek, served in a bread bowl or Polish sausage. The list is endless, enjoy crispy potato pancakes topped Goulash or beetroot. For the sweet tooth, Indulge in Polish cheesecake, sernik, and poppy seed roll, makowiec.

Explore traditional restaurants, local eateries and Polish cuisine in Warsaw such as Gospoda Kwiaty Polskie or Zapiecek for an authentic taste of traditional Polish food.

What to see in Warsaw 2 days – the Barbican

Warsaw’s Old Town is a beautiful area to explore and is one of the best places to visit on your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary list. One of the main attractions is the Barbican, which dates back to the 14th century.

The structure has been rebuilt and renovated over the years, but it still retains its charm and historical significance. Visitors can take a tour of the Warsaw Barbican, and see the old city walls which offers a glimpse into its past and how it was used in defence against enemies.

The Warsaw Barbican just on the edge of the Warsaw old town
Warsaw what to see in 2 days – The old defensive wall of Warsaw

That should have well and truly filled up your morning with the 2 days in Warsaw itinerary and maybe even into your afternoon. Stop and grab something to eat and any number of eateries in the city. Maybe even try an old-fashioned milk bar that serves cheap eats for locals. You will not be disappointed by the quality of the food.

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Palace of Culture and Science viewing platform

Warsaw’s Palace of Culture and Science is a major landmark and tourist attraction in the city and should be on any 2 days in Warsaw itinerary. The imposing structure is the tallest building in Warsaw and was built in the early 1950s as a gift from the Soviet Union to the people of Poland.

It is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Warsaw, with visitors coming to admire its art deco architecture and take in views of the city from its viewing platform (Free entry with the Warsaw Pass).

The Palace of Culture and Science
Top things to do in Warsaw

The Palace of Culture and Science is located in Warsaw’s new town area, and is over 230 metres tall, making it one of the tallest structures in Poland. It has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, including as a cinema, theatre, and museum.

These days, it houses a number of offices, businesses and cultural venues. If you did not already get some lunch, there is a great café on the bottom floor selling traditional Polish meals.


Stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście street – option 1

You might have had your fill of Warsaw attractions by now, why not take a stroll along Krakowskie Przedmieście street and take in this picturesque long wide street that stretches from Plac Zamkowy to Nowy Swiat. This street is known as part of the Royal Route and home to shops, restaurants and bars and includes some important buildings.

You will find Frédéric Chopin’s house, holy cross church, Warsaw university campus and the Presidential Palace along the way. You will find high-end stores such as Hermes and the HE Concept store and even a Carrefour express to grab a bite to eat.

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What to see around Warsaw – Polish Vodka Museum – option 2

Alternatively, for those who want something a little more interesting, maybe a trip to the Polish Vodka Museum (free entry with Warsaw Pass) could be on the cards. You will learn about the 500-year history of the most famous Polish alcohol, and see how it is made and consumed over the years.

The highlight of the visit will be a tasting at the Vodka Academy, where you can compare the flavours of vodkas from rye, wheat and potatoes on one of the best tours of Warsaw.

As day 1 of sightseeing on your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary comes to end we recommend you find a restaurant that serves one of Poland’s favourite dishes, Pierogi. These are a Polish version of dumplings with such ingredients as cabbage, potato and mushroom. Near the Old Town end of Krakowskie Przedmieście street is GOŚCINIEC Polskie Pierogi. This restaurant will serve you a good variety of Pierogi at a great price.

Things to do in Warsaw at night

Warsaw is a city that comes alive at night. There are many bars, concerts, movies, and operas to choose from. The disco and club scene is one of the most vibrant in Europe. Some of the most party spots in Warsaw include popular clubs at Plac Zbawiciela or bars and clubs by the Vistula River.

For those looking for something a little slower, you can take in a Chopin Concert, visit the Panorama Sky Bar at Marriott Warsaw, see the opera or Ballet at The Teatr Wielki or even take a Warsaw Ghost tour

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Day 2 in Warsaw

For your day 2 in Warsaw itinerary, we have a couple of options depending on whether you want to experience more history, do some sightseeing or even visit the Polish National Stadium if you are a sports lover. Here is day two for your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

Day trip in Warsaw – Warsaw hop on hop off bus

The hop on hop off Warsaw tourist bus is a great way for a Warsaw tourist to get an overview of the Warsaw attractions.  Like all hop on hop off buses, the Warsaw version will show you around the best attractions in town and is a great option for your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

The real value in some of these tours is the headphone commentary that tells you so much about the towns. You can choose between the Red Line, made up of 11 destination stops, and the Blue Line, which will take you to 12 destination stops.

Some of the standout Warsaw travel stops include Castle Square, The Old Town, Warsaw Rising Museum, The National Stadium, The Vistula and the Palace of Culture and science just to name a few. A trip on the Hop on hop off bus features the following

  • Access to 2 bus tour routes with 20 stops around the city covering the entire city & main sights.
  • Audio guide commentary in 10 languages. Kid’s commentary in Polish to entertain the little ones.
  • 24hr/48hr/72hr Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour with 360º panoramic views of Warsaw.
  • Extend your ticket to 48 or 72 hours and enjoy great savings!

The Hop-on, hop-off bus is a great way to see all the Warsaw attractions easily and should be on your 48 hours in Warsaw itinerary. You will get headphones with commentary in multiple languages that tell you about the sights of Warsaw. You can buy 24 or 48 hours hop on hop off bus tickets


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For the sports lover – PGE National Stadium Tour

The PGE National Stadium dominates the horizon from the Warsaw Old Town. The PGE National Stadium was built in 2012 for the European Football Championship that was co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine. For any sports lover visiting the city, this has to be one of the best things to do in Warsaw.

The National Stadium holds 58,000 and is often packed full when the Polish National team plays Football. The stadium has played hosts to a number of the biggest International acts on the planet including Guns n Roses, Beyonce, Metallica and Ed Sheeran just to name a few concerts (Classical Chopin concerts are held free throughout the city).

The Warsaw PGE National Stadium from a distance with its striking red facade
The Warsaw football stadium is a short walk from the Old Town area

Guided tours of the stadium which is close to the city center run 7 days a week, 10:00-19:00 every 30 mins (in Polish). English tours are conducted Mon-Fri 12:00, 14:00 and 17:00, and Sat/Sun 12:00, 14:30 and 17:00.

French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish tours take place by prior arrangement. A viewing point is open all year from which you can see the magnificent panorama of the city (free with Warsaw Pass)

The stadium is located near the railway station Warszawa Stadion. The stadium is on the S1 and S2 lines of the Warsaw metro. If you love sport this has to be on your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

Want more history of Warsaw with museums

There are so many Museums in Warsaw that explain the history of what happened in WW2 in many ways. Warsaw was a flashpoint for Nazi occupations, persecution of the Jews and destruction of the city. You can add any of these museums to your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

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Polin Museum

The Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews (free entry with Warsaw Pass) walks you through the history of the Jewish people in Poland. The Polin Museum is a great learning experience in Warsaw for teenagers. It tells the tale of how the Jewish people settled in Europe and Poland.

It tells of the struggles the Polish Jews faced in settling into Europe and highlights their persecution at the hands of the Nazis in WW2 including their deportation to numerous Concentration Camps and the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Three painting hanging on display at the POLN Museum in Warsaw
Painting at the POLN Museum in Warsaw

The Warsaw Uprising Museum

The Warsaw Uprising Museum is completely dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. Here you will see first-hand testimonies of what happened in the city, pictures of what the city looked like and what effect the fight of the city had on the occupants.

Fun things to do in Warsaw

Warsaw is not all serious museums and history. There are so many great things to do in Warsaw it is hard to cover everything for everyone’s tastes. There is some fun to be had on a visit to Warsaw in 2 days trip.

Segway tours in Warsaw

There is nothing more fun than zipping around a city on a segway in Warsaw, this has to be one of the best things to do in Warsaw. A Warsaw Segway tour is a great opportunity to have fun and learn about the city see sights such as the Royal Route, Wilanów palace, street art, the beautiful old town and more.

Segway tours are for the whole family, you will be given instructions and a short amount of practise time before you set off on your adventure. A Segway ride is one of the cool things to do in Warsaw. Book a Warsaw Segway tour today

Pinball Station – Pinball & Arcade Museum

You will not find any PlayStation or Xbox games here just good old fashion pinball-like we used to have in the old days. The Pinball Station in Warsaw has around 200 machines available to play.

playing old fashioned pinball machines in Warsaw
Fun things to do on your Warsaw trip include pinball

You will find vintage machines such as Twilight Zone, FunHouse, Terminator 2, Dirty Harry, Batman Forever, X Files, Star Trek, Lethal Weapon 3, The Addams Family, Road Show or arcades: Mortal Kombat 4, Pac Man, Marvel, Street Fighter, Metal Slug and more

Your entry ticket is purchased at the museum and is valid throughout the whole day. Thanks to this, you can re-enter the museum as many times as you wish.

Essential information for Warsaw

There are many other things you need to consider when planning a vacation to Warsaw not just where are the best areas to stay in Warsaw. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from travellers to Warsaw for your 2 days in Warsaw itinerary.

How to get to Warsaw Poland

  • The Fredrik Chopin International Airport is located just 10 kilometres from the centre of Warsaw. The Warsaw Airport is home to LOT Polish Airlines and serviced by budget airlines including Easyjet and Ryanair. Book your flights to Warsaw with CheapOair.
  • You can catch trains to Warsaw from all over Europe and Poland. High-speed trains run frequently between Warsaw and Krakow in around 2 hours. You can book your Super saver fare tickets book here! with
  • Flix Bus has buses running daily to Warsaw from destinations inside Poland and International destinations. Search your bus tickets to Warsaw
  • Poland has some great Highways for driving, The newer Highways built with E.U assistants are levied with what I would say are heavy tolls. Some local roads do leave a lot to be desired. You can hire a car at any international airport in Poland and Europe. Seach your Rental Car today!

Booking Flights: To score flight deals, search on Aviasales or Kiwi Flights. Money-saving tips: fly mid-week or on the weekend, fly carry-on only on a budget airline, and take late night or early morning flights.

Accommodations in Poland

You can stay in budget-friendly vacation rentals, boutique hotels, private rooms in hostels or Luxury locations. We recommend using to book hotels (we love their flexible cancellation policy) and Hostelworld to book hostels (low deposit, easy change/cancellation, and excellent reviews). For apartments and rentals, we book using VRBO. VRBO has lower fees and better customer service than Airbnb. You can also book vacation rentals on Agoda.

How to get around Warsaw

Public transport in Warsaw includes buses, trams (streetcars), Metro, light rail, urban railway and regional rail. ZTM tickets are valid on city and suburban bus lines, as well as trams, Metro. You can buy tickets at most stops or onboard. Riding on public transport in Warsaw is the best way to get to all the best things to do in Warsaw.

Taxi’s and UBER are available in the city.

What currency do I need for my trip to Poland?

The official currency you need to use in Poland is the Polish Zloty, We recommend that you get a Revolut travel money cardthat can be loaded with multiple currencies and has nearly non-existent withdrawal fees to save you money.

Travel insurance for Poland

Poland has a high quality of healthcare but in saying that travel insurance is still recommended for all travellers entering the country. The last thing you want is a huge bill for medical expenses should you require care on your holiday in Warsaw.

We recommend using Travel Insurance Master, their website will compare the best deals from a number of providers and present you with the best value for money policy on the market. Click through to Insurance Masters to get a free quote.

Using your phone in Warsaw

Relying on Wi-fi when you are travelling and sightseeing in Warsaw on vacation can be hard. Making calls and staying in contact when you travel to Europe is a top priority. Plan your trip out and order your sim before you leave home to stop any stress about travelling, data and calls on your epic vacation in Poland.

We hope this article from us here at Poland Travel Expert has encouraged you to make the trip from Berlin to Warsaw. We are sure you will enjoy your trip and find many things to do along the way.

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We hope this what to see in Warsaw in 2 days guide helps you plan a trip to Warsaw, Poland soon. You will not be disappointed by the friendly people, historic old town, Royal Palace World War ii history, amazing sites and great food options in Warsaw.

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