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Poland is often overlooked by tourists looking for a new vacation destination.

Poland has so much to offer with its great history, delicious food, and beautiful landscapes.

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Combined with our first-hand knowledge of all things Poland, we have a network of Polish connections stretching from Bielsko-Biała in the south to Gdańsk in the north. Our team at Poland Travel Expert can find, source and arrange anything you need in Poland. Explore Kraków the old capital of Poland in the South. Churches, Salt Mines, and day trips to Auschwitz.

The thriving metropolis Warsaw is now the capital of Poland. Destroyed in WW2 and today embracing its history, culture and a newfound lease on life. Gdańsk is on the Baltic Coast. A popular destination for beachgoers. Gdańsk is the centre of the world’s amber trade. Poznan is the 5th largest city in Poland. Poznan old town square and the streets leading off feature many attractions. Zakopane is the outdoor capital of Poland. Skiing, Snowboarding in Winter, Hiking, Mountain Biking in summer. Visit Poland now!

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