Main train station Krakow – absolutely everything you need to know

For some travelling through countries in Europe is best done by train. Train travel in Europe is easy and with many tracks crisscrossing the continent, there are so many options. Krakow’s old train station is a beautiful and historic building that has been renovated and used as a cultural centre.

Krakow Central Station is one of the busiest transportation hubs in Poland. The main train station Krakow has is stunning in its own right and this Krakow Railway Station guide will help you navigate it easily.

Arriving at a train station with no prior knowledge of what is there and what they lay out can be very unnerving. This post is designed for you to arrive at the main train station in Krakow with confidence for your vacation in Krakow.

Krakow transport
Krakow Glowyn is a transport hub for the city

Main train station Krakow guide

Not everybody has to love trains, but there’s no doubt that a properly organised railway system is a more pleasant way to travel than taking buses.

Poland can pride itself on a pretty nice public transport system altogether, but its railway is quite exceptional in Europe, especially when it comes to cost vs. quality.

The compartments are comfortable, the prices affordable and the rail network very developed. Additionally, there is nothing like a clean, properly organised, and safe train station to seal the deal, and that’s the case with Kraków’s Main Station.

Location of Krakow Glowny station

The Krakow Glowny train station lies on Pawia 5a street, in the city centre, 10 minutes walk from Main Square making it ideal for a weekend in Krakow.

Passengers can reach it through Galeria Krakowska, one of the biggest shopping centres in Kraków, as well as from Bosacka Street, where the bus station is located, from the high-speed train tunnel and each platform, by lift or stairs.

During the nighttime, when the Galeria Krakowska is closed (11 pm – 5 am) you can go around it and access the Krakow station through the Magda tunnel.

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How to get to Glowy train station Krakow

Getting around Krakow is easy. You can easily get to the main train station in Krakow from each part of the city and from outside of it. What’s special about Kraków’s Main Station is how it’s connected with all the other ways of transport, making it easy to change if your final destination lies out of the Krakow public transport zones.

The main bus station is just above the platforms and you can easily travel between them by stairs or elevator.

How to get to the main Krakow train station by bus

The main bus station lies just next to the train station Krakow, on Bosacka Street. There are numerous local bus and tram stops in the area, including Main Station West (tram nr 3 and night tram nr 69 plus buses 105, 129, 130, 132, 154, 179, 304, 405, 429); Main Station East (buses 115, 182, 192, 482) and the Main Station Tunnel, a high-speed tram stop (trams 5, 19 and 50).

Except for that, there’s the Słowacki Theatre bus and tram stop, which is only a few minutes walk from the main station Krakow.

How to get to Krakow’s main train station by taxi and car

If you prefer to get a taxi, a taxi rank is on level 1, just above the Kraków main station platforms. If coming in a car, you can park it in the big rooftop parking above the Galeria Krakowska.

How to get from the train station Krakow to the airport

There is also a special train to the Kraków Airport, leaving every 30 minutes from platform 1. Not to mention all the local connections that you can catch to get to any place in the city and its suburbs.

Krakow Main Train Station
Trains to Krakow arrive here!

The main train station Kraków is a transport hub

Aside from Galeria Krakowska being connected to the Krakow central train station and having absolutely everything that a travelling soul might need, from bathroom to cinema, the train station itself is pretty well-equipped too.

There are 4 different restaurants at the Krakow main railway station (from Burger King to typical Polish food), plenty of cafeterias and bakeries plus 2 big supermarkets, where you can buy some goodies for the travel.

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How do I buy a ticket at the Kraków train station?

You can buy your ticket at 20 different cash desks or use one of the self-service ticket machines at the Krakow central railway station to your chosen destination.

If getting to the main station in Krakow early to get your ticket is difficult you can easily pre-purchase your train travel in Poland tickets online with Omio.

Facilities at Krakow main train station

Besides the food, you’ll also find a pharmacy, a cosmetics store, a copy shop, 3 clothes stores, and a few magazines and bookstores, if you are in need of something to read on the train.

There’s even a florist if you want to pick up a bouquet for somebody you are picking up from the station and a souvenir shop, to buy yourself a little something that’ll remind you of your visit to Kraków. You can find the map of the station here:

Tourist Information at the Krakow main train station

Except for your usual tourist information, there’s also an InfoStation point working from 7 am – 9 pm every day at Kraków Główny train station, where you can check not only the train schedule but also file a missing luggage report or any kind of complaint.

Free luggage lockers at the main station in Krakow

Krakow Glowny, the main train station in Krakow, Poland, offers convenient luggage storage options for travellers. luggage facilities comprise coin-operated lockers and a staffed luggage room.

Left luggage lockers are in the ticket hall, while the two staffed Krakow main station luggage storage offices are located near Burger King and the entry the shopping centre

Krakow train station lockers are a great way to make sure you have time to see the city if you do not have a lot of time or if you are transiting through the Krakow main station.

Wi-Fi available at Kraków main train station?

Wi-Fi is available at various spots of the station, marked by the Wi-Fi sign.

A train at Krakow Glowny train station Krakow

Krakow Glowny arrivals by train

General facilities at the Krakow main train station

The toilets are open 24/7, there’s a changing station available plus a shower that you can use for 15 złotys.

Except for that, there is an ATM where you can cash out at any given time, a currency exchange point, and a car rental company, if you need to have a vehicle of your own for the time of your visit.

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Facilities for the disabled at Krakow train station

The city of Kraków’s Main Station is fully prepared for use by disabled people. There are 15 escalators and 10 elevators installed at the station to facilitate easy access between the station and the platforms. The lifts can also get you to the parking area above the platforms.

Wheelchair access to Krakow main train station

People on wheelchairs can access the station from Bosacka and Pawia Street, from the high-speed tram station and the Magda tunnel. There is a special toilet and cash register for those with reduced mobility.

Low vision assistance at the main train station Krakow

There is an intercom system announcing all the important information for those visually impaired, as well as yellow horizontal markings. The map of the station is available in Braille.

Assistance for the deaf at the Krakow main train station

You can get all the necessary information in sign language plus you can get a translator if you need to. You can also arrange for the free assistance of a station worker beforehand, should you need any help getting on your train at the main train station Krakow.

Krakow Glowny
The main train station in Krakow

Safety at the main train station Krakow

The Kraków Główny railway station itself is safe, always well-lit, and guarded by many security cameras placed all around the place. The same goes for the Galeria Krakowska and the big square in front of it, which is the main entrance to the station.

Only the area behind the main bus station is quite dark and desolate during the night, which might send shivers down the spine of those less accustomed to walking alone in the dark, but there is nothing to be concerned about.

There’s no evidence of this area being more dangerous than any other zone in the centre, so the travellers can relax but obviously, watch for the pickpocketers and take all the necessary precautions they’d normally take while travelling by public transport, especially alone.

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Accommodation near the main train station Krakow

If you need to spend the night in the proximity of the station, there are various options around the area, from cheap hostels to high-end hotels to stay in Krakow.

Hotels around Krakow Train Station

Overview of the main train station in Krakow

Kraków Główny is the first such modern underground station in Poland. It replaced the historic building of Kraków’s main station from 1847, which now is sometimes used for museum exhibitions.

Located in the centre of the city, well connected with the platforms, the car park above it, the bus station and the high-speed tram make the Krakow main station the ideal connection hub.

The multitude of services and facilities present at the station, as well as its technological development, makes it truly THE perfect station. If only all the European stations were like this, travelling would be way easier! Click through to our Krakow page for more inspiration.

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