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Kraków is the second-largest city in Poland. Millions of visitors flock to visit Krakow every year for long weekends and short breaks to experience its history, culture, attractions, nightlife and more. The most famous architectural landmark of Krakow is the Old Town, and the city’s market square is the largest in Europe. The castle on Wawel Hill has been home to Polish Royalty throughout the history of Poland.

Why should you visit Krakow?

Krakow, located in the heart of Poland, is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Europe. With its old architecture and narrow streets, Kraków is a unique blend of medieval and modern. The city has a rich history dating back to the 11th century. Today, Kraków is known for its stunning architecture, delicious food, and lively nightlife. Much of Krakow’s historic centre escaped bombing damage from the Nazis and remains intact today as it was centuries ago.

Krakow is an ideal location for visiting nearby UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Memorial and Museum at Auschwitz Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine. Auschwitz Birkenau is just 67 kilometres away while the Wieliczka Salt Mine is just outside the city.

How to get around Krakow

There is no underground transport system in Krakow, An integrated bus and tram system runs in Krakow from 05:00 – 23:00. Check timetables and network maps online for Krakow at Tickets are the integrated bus and tram system are timed. This allows you the freedom to change between tram or bus lines within the allocated time of your ticket life. You can get 20min 40min, 1-hour, 24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, and unlimited weekend family pass tickets.

You can catch a taxi, Uber or use the bike share program in Krakow.

Facts about Krakow

  • Population 770,000 (2022)
  • City founded in 1257
  • Time Zone: GMT +2
  • Currency: Polish Zloty
  • Visitors: 14.5 Million (2019)
  • Football Teams: Wisla Kraków
  • UNESCO site: Historic Centre of Kraków

Best places to stay in Krakow

Krakow has numerous hotels, hostels, and apartments for tourists who visit Krakow. The best area to stay in Krakow is in and around the Old Town areas. Krakow is a safe city to visit by European standards, with little violent crime. Crime in Krakow is low, with only the occasional street mugging or theft in a museum, but always be aware of your surroundings when you visit any big city in Europe.

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Visiting Krakow with kids

Krakow is a city that’s rich in history and culture, making it a popular destination for tourists. But what if you want to take your kids along? No problem! There are plenty of things to do in Krakow with kids. The city is home to several museums, including the National Museum and the Historical Museum of Krakow. There are also plenty of parks and green spaces, such as Planty Park and Wawel Hill.

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