5 unforgettable castles in Podkarpacie you must see

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a beautiful castle just like a prince or princess? We all know that you have. If I’m being honest, it’s going to be hard for you to live this way these days. But don’t give up because there is a way! It’s not forever, but for a few hours, you can get a feel for what royal life was like by visiting these unforgettable castles in Podkarpacie.

The list of castles in Poland includes famous landmarks such as Malbork Castle, Wawel Castle, and Książ Castle. The Podkarpacie region offers a number of beautiful castles that you can visit on a trip to Poland.

Not only are you able to wander the beautiful landscape surrounding the castle, but there are also some castles in Podkarpacie where you can really make the dream come alive with an overnight stay in a castle.

Did you know in Poland, we call a castle a Zamek? Let us take a look at 5 unforgettable castles in Podkarpacie Poland.

Where is Podkarpacie, Poland?

Podkarpacie is a region in south-eastern Poland. It runs from the Eastern Carpathian Mountains to the Polish Soła river and from the Vistula down to the Dunajec. This region has a rich history of both foreign invasions and a longstanding tradition of resistance over centuries.

It’s known for its scenic landscapes, mostly consisting of forests and rolling hills. Today, it is one of Poland’s most popular regions for tourism. Filled with stunning attractions and opportunities for travellers looking for something new to experience on their next vacation in Poland. You will find many things to do in Podkarpacie.

5 unforgettable castles in Podkarpacie

For many visiting a castle in Poland is a bucket list item. Many of the castles in Poland are not as well known as some of the other castles around the world. Here you can get to visit a castle in Podkarpacie and still have a wonderful, magical experience.

Polish castles are just as stunning if not even more amazing due to the lack of international visitors that visit the castles in Poland. Make your visit to Poland unforgettable with these unforgettable castles in Podkarpacie.

Krasiczyn Castle

There are many beautiful, enchanting Zameks in Podkarpacie, but in my opinion, the castle in Krasiczyn has no equal. It is a 16th-century Renaissance castle inhabited by the greatest Polish families.

Ariel view of Krasiczyn Castle in Poland. It is one of the most stunning castles in Podkarpacie
Things to see in Poland

Unfortunately, during World War II, a huge fire broke out in the castle, which lasted almost two weeks. The destroyed chambers have been reconstructed and are open to guided tours. By far the most beautiful room is the gorgeously decorated castle chapel.

Today, visitors have the opportunity to stay overnight at Krasiczyn Castle in special chambers and feel truly royal. I strongly encourage you to visit the huge castle gardens as well to give you the full experience at this castle in Podkarpacie.

You will experience a wide variety of plants in a tranquil setting via an extensive network of pathways. The pathways at Zamek Krasiczyn allow you to get in touch with the environment around the castle by foot or by bike. This beautiful Zamek in Podkarpacie is a popular venue for weddings and has an on-site restaurant and café for visitors. For those wanting the true castle experience, you can even stay a night here.

Sanok Castle

This Gothic castle sits on the steep slopes of a hill with the San River running below. Like many great castles in Podkarpacie hilltop locations provided protection from attacks when it was built in the 14th century.

Castle Sanok in Poland sitting on hillside
Castles are a must see in Poland

The castle suffered much damage over the centuries but has been reconstructed in the 21st century to some of its former glory. One great feature is a beautiful observation deck overlooking the San River valley and the distant southern mountains, that offers captivating views. The castle also houses the famous Beksiński Museum and the Sanok Historical Museum.

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Who is Beksiński?

Beksiński is an internationally renowned painter who undertook surrealist themes. His works were dark, mysterious, and intriguing, telling stories of death, and depression. Visitors can take a tour in Polish, English, French, or German for a few dollars and learn about the history of this Zamek in Podkarpacie.

A walking and biking tourist trail called Right and Left in the Sanok land includes the castle on its list of Pokarpacie attractions. This provides visitors with a chance to explore more around one of the most popular castles in Podkarpacie via the trail.

Lancut Castle

Castle in Łańcut is an incredibly beautiful aristocratic castle, which makes it a must-see location when you are in visiting castles in Podkarpacie.

Gardens and statues at Lancut Castle in Poland
Lancut Castle is one of the top sites in Poland

The Lancut Castle complex is home to stables, a coach house, as well as the Museum of the History of the City and Region. People come from all over Poland and the world to see its famous collection of horse-drawn vehicles and exquisite interiors.

It is said that every Polish person has been to this place at least once in their life. The castle dates from around the 17th century, but the most beautiful chambers were built around the 18th century. Surrounding the castle is a 36 hectares of park and garden built to replicate an English Garden.

The park at Lancut Castle Poland features an Orangery, Stables, Orchid House, Dressage and much more. This is one of the most unmissable castles in Podkarpacie.

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Baranów Sandomierski Castle

It is the most magnificent of all castles in Podkarpacie that are worth seeing while in the Sandomierz area. Castle is often referred to as the Little Wawel in reference to being similar in design to the Royal Wawel Castle in Kraków.

Baranów Sandomierski castle with vines growing up the outside walls in Poland
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This castle in Podkarpacie dates back to around the 15th century when it was built by a wealthy family and designed by an Italian architect. This Polish castle takes its influences from the baroque stucco period, but it was consumed by fire during the late 19th century.

It was reconstructed in the late 1890s to its former glory. It now offers a range of opportunities for tourists. You can take a guided tour, have a meal, book a hotel room and even host your own wedding. The castle provides special events such as castle feast nights and overnight packages for couples. Due to its many attractions, it can get very busy on weekends, especially on Saturdays, as preparations for weddings are underway then.

Kamieniec, Odrzykoń Castle

This castle was built in the 14th century. At first, the building was designed in the Gothic style, but later it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style.

Zamek Kamieniec ruins
Tourism in Poland should include visiting castles

Today, unfortunately, we cannot see the castle in all its glory, but only its castle ruins. During the reign of King Kazimierz Wielki, the castle was an important fortified location on the Polish-Ruthenian borderland. The best-preserved part of this Polish castle is on the eastern side of the remains. There is a museum with various memorabilia, a chapel, and residential buildings.

Legend has it that the ghost of a certain girl haunts the castle, so it is better not to come there after dark. Other than that, the castle is quick to visit because it doesn’t provide many attractions. However, if you are in the area, it is worth going there to take a souvenir photo.

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