An easy local guide to Rzeszow train station

Are you thinking about travelling around Poland by train? Rzeszów is well-connected to other major Polish cities, as well as to neighboring countries, and is an excellent destination for those looking to explore southeastern Poland. If you choose to arrive in Rzeszów by train, we have the following information about Rzeszów Train Station.

Arriving in a new city is always difficult especially if you have not visited Rzeszow before or if you are unfamiliar with the local language. Having a local guide to the station you are arriving at puts your mind at ease and gives you some prior knowledge as to what to expect.

Rzeszow town centre

Where is Rzeszow?

Rzeszow is a city located in southeastern Poland. It is the capital of the Subcarpathian Voivodeship and has a population of just over 200,000 people. The city has a rich history, dating back to the 11th century, and is home to numerous historical landmarks and attractions.

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The Rzeszów Train Station Guide

With this Rzeszow train station guide, you will be able to navigate the station like a pro and have you out and about exploring Rzeszow quickly.

General information about Rzeszow Main Train Station (Rzeszów Główny)

Address: 35-201 Rzeszow, Poland

  • Rzeszow is serviced by PKP intercity trains (Polish Railway Line). The station has three train platforms for arrivals and departure
  • You can buy a ticket at the train station Rzeszow and get additional information from the qualified staff 
  • The ticket offices are open Monday to Friday from 6:00 am to 8:00 p. and Saturdays from 6:00 am to 1:30 pm The Rzeszow ticket offices are closed on Sundays. Tickets can also be purchased via the mobile app 
  • For more information, you can call the Poland train travel 24-hour hotline: 703 480 222 (cost: PLN 2.58) or on the official website of the PKP Rzeszow, which is available in Polish, English and Ukrainian. 
Rzeszow Main Train
Rzeszow Central Train Station

Is Rzeszow Train Station tourist-friendly?

The Rzeszow Glowny train station has many facilities for travellers, both foreign and domestic. All information is provided in one of the three available languages, Polish, Ukrainian and English. If necessary, the staff of the station will provide professional assistance and help with all your enquires and train bookings.

Inside the train station at Rzeszow, there are vending machines with hot drinks and sweets. On the platform, there is a non-slip surface and aids for vision impaired people. The stations are designed for people with disabilities, with lifts and ramps for wheelchair users. 

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Food at Rzeszow train station

The train station is located in the centre of the city, so it is close to most restaurants and hotels. Right next door there are many booths with doners, ice cream and waffles. There are also some restaurants serving Asian food.

In addition, there are plenty of places to eat in the market (which is less than a kilometer from the train station). There are vegan restaurants, fast food, pancakes, muffin stands, Mexican cuisine, pizzerias and much more.

Rzeszow accommodation

When it comes to hotels, the nearest is Hotel Rzeszow and it’s located in a famous shopping centre Galeria Rzeszow, ideally located in the city centre.

From here it is close to the train station, the bus station and the local buses and the MPK. Room prices start from 300 PLN. The hotel has four stars and very good reviews and standards. 

Quick checklist for your stay in Rzeszow

There are always some things that you should have before any trip and especially one where you are catching transport.

Accommodation in Rzeszow

Must have in Rzeszow

Never leave home without!

Can you catch a local bus/train from the main station?

The train station is located in the centre of the city, so it is not a problem to take a local bus. The stops of MPK are located a short distance from each other throughout the city. Children, schoolchildren, and seniors can buy tickets for 2. 50 PLN, students for 2 PLN and adults for 4 PLN. 

In addition, the PKP station is only a kilometre from the local station next to Galeria Rzeszow, which is about a 12-minute walk. There are many buses at the local station, which will take us to most of the major cities in Poland, and even to Paris or Berlin. There you can choose, for example, Marcel or Flixbus.  

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Safety tips at Rzeszow Train Station

Like most Poland train stations and really any around the world there are some safety factors to think about when arriving and departing the Rzeszow railway station.

  • Never leave your luggage unattended!
  • Keep valuable items in your hand luggage in hard-to-reach places.
  • Buy tickets in advance, for example online – you will avoid standing in queues.
  • Remember that there are cameras at the station and everything is supervised.
  • Before you go on a journey, plan everything, it will be less stressed out.
  • Don’t carry all your money in one place. It will be better to divide them into smaller amounts and hide them in different places.
  • If you are travelling with a dog for the duration of the journey, place it in the carrier. On trains, you only pay for the carriage of animals that travel freely.

Visiting regional areas in any country gives you an opportunity to really experience what the country is about and easy train travel can make that experience even better. Arriving at the Rzeszow train station will offer you an abundance of amazing experiences in this area of Poland.

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