Visit the stunning Czocha Castle

If you’re looking for an amazing, medieval-style vacation spot, look no further than Czocha Castle in Poland. This stunning fortress is perched atop a hill overlooking the village of Czocha and the lake below, and its turrets and ramparts are sure to take your breath away.

This Polish Castle is open to the public, so be sure to visit it soon and experience its magic for yourself.

Czocha castle from above
czocha castle photos from above

Czocha Castle location in Poland

Czocha Castle, Poland is a medieval fortress located in Lower Silesia, Poland. The castle was first mentioned in a document from 1253, although the site is believed to be much older. Czocha Castle is known for its imposing size and well-preserved architecture. The castle has been used as a military stronghold, a residence for nobility, and a school for future kings.

From ruined castles to grand palaces, Polish castles are grand and wonderful to visit. Zamek Czocha is one of the most beautiful Silesia Castles and is now home to the stunning Hotel Czocha.

Czocha castle history…briefly

We were told that a castle had stood on this spot since the 13th century but in 1793 it was burnt to the ground only to be bought by a cigar manufacturer and rebuilt in 1909.

Zamek Czocha or Czocha Castle?

In English, we say castles but in Polish castles are called Zamek. In this post, we will refer to Czocha Castle as Zamek Czocha as well.

Check-in at Czocha Castle

Czocha Castle is surrounded by a high stone wall on the outer perimeter of the grounds. To enter this Polish Castle there is a large, guarded gate you must go through.

Once inside you can park your car and then make your way into the Czocha Castle Hotel. Once over the moat, you will need to make your way through 2 very large heavy doors into the main reception area of the castle hotel.

There is a small office off to the right of the entry but the large staircase in front of you needs to be seen to be believed. These will eventually take you up to your castle hotel room.

Czocha castle Poland
Is Czocha the best castle in Poland to stay at?

What facilities does Czocha Castle have?

You will find that Czocha is a little out of town so you will need to bring some things with you but planning dinner at Czocha and having breakfast the next morning is a wonderful way to add to your night in a castle.

Czocha castle restaurant

Once you arrive you may not want to leave the castle. The onsite restaurant offers a menu based mainly on Old Polish cuisine of meat and fish dishes in a wonderful setting. You can really add to the experience by having a meal at the Hotel Czocha restaurant.

The restaurant will cater for bigger events if you need to. Weddings and functions are one of the Czocha Castle Hotel’s specialties.

Nostitz’s bar

On-site you will also find Nostitz’s Bar. Here you can get some basic snacks for either your stay at Czocha Castle or your day tour of Zamek Czocha. You can grab some burgers, casseroles, and hot dogs as well as hot and cold drinks.

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Czocha Castle attractions

When you are visiting Czocha Castle there are some amazing Czocha castle attractions you have to see.

Day tour of Castle Czocha

Daily tours of the castle are available between 10 am and 6 pm with a professional guide who knows the ins and outs of this 13th-century castle. The castle has been marketed as the Polish Hogwarts and yes I did say marketed. Your castle tour will include The Marble Hall, The Treasury, The Library Room, and The Prince’s Chambers just to name a few at Zamek Czocha Hotel. The real highlight of the Czocha Castle Poland tour is a trip to the top of the lookout tower to view the surrounding countryside.

Hotel Czocha Castle in Poland
The castle has many stories to tell

Gruesome stories from the tour of Czocha castle Interior

  • We heard about the baby that cried at night and its mother who wandered the halls of Czocha trying to get to the fireplace in the Great Hall. The story is that the owner went away to war only to return to a wife with a son. It was not his and as punishment, he bricked the baby into the fireplace and put the wife down the well.
  • We also went upstairs to a bedroom with a secret trap door on the side of the bed. The story goes that if the owner at the time was not happy with his mistress he would open the trap door and push her in there which led her straight to the dungeon.

Day Spa at Czocha Castle

The spa is located on the premises and offers a variety of pampering services, including a sauna, massage, and beauty treatments. Why not treat yourself to me day while staying at Czocha by indulging in a foot, leg, back, and head massage? Luxury treatments include Chinese cupping, Basalt hot stones, and ear candling treatments.

A nighttime tour of Czocha Castle

If ghosts, ghouls, and terrors are your jam then a nighttime tour of Czocha Castle is for you. A guide will escort you around the castle with stories and tales of all things ghostly from within the castle walls. The tour lasts for 3 hours which you will see various castle chambers, you will squeeze through secret passages, and explore the mysterious armoury and dark castle dungeons.

You will hear tales of an infant walled up alive by the former ruler, wives, and lovers dumped into the castle well. The night will be topped off with a delicious glass of mead in the castle’s wine cellar.

The secret staircase at Zamek Czocha Hotel

Throughout the castle, you will find secret staircases as well as little secret rooms that you will only discover on the guided tours. Some are stone stairs and some are wooden. There is even one that will take you to the top of one of the castle turrets with magnificent views over the Czocha Castle grounds.

You may not want to visit the turrets though! It was known that as a punishment people were hung up there and tortured and there were little cells as well. You can walk straight past them but not even notice them.

In addition to the main attractions above you can also see the rooms of curiosities and the multimedia torture chambers. There are also annual events at Hotel Czocha Zamek including Crime and Castle Day, The festival of historic cuisine, and the Film Pyrotechnics Festival.

Czocha Castle, which closely resembles the fictional Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from the Harry Potter series, attracts numerous visitors due to its remarkable architectural features.

Throughout the year the castle hosts Harry Potter Wizard Schools for visitors. Summer School of Magic or magic workshops for schools all take place.

Hotel Czocha Castle is one of the most amazing places to stay in Poland. The views from the turrets are stunning
The views from Zamek Czocha Polen are breathtaking

The grounds of this Polish Castle

The grounds of this Polish Castle are amazing. There are several sections for you to enjoy.

Rotunda by the river

You can hire the rotunda out to cook yourself a BBQ dinner while watching the sunset over the river. This is a great way to end the day.

Hotel Czocha Castle in Poland
czocha castle photos


Castle moats were an important part of medieval castle defence. A moat was a deep, wide ditch that surrounded the castle, and it was filled with water to make it difficult for attackers to cross. While the moat is dry Zamek Czoncha is also one of the unique features of this Poland attraction. The bridge that spans the moat is lit up at night, providing a great opportunity for photos.

Inner Courtyard

One of the guided tours of Czocha Castle will take you to the inner courtyard. The inner courtyard of Czocha Castle features the Renaissance-style “well of the unfaithful wives. The stories that are told about the well are unbelievable. The castle cellar is accessed through a large archway behind the well.

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Hotel Czocha Castle. Stay in a castle

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a castle? Well, Zamek Czocha offers you the most wonderful experience. If you want to stay a night in a castle a Polish castle is the perfect place.

Below are some of the features that are offered to guests staying at Czocha Castle.

Rooms at the Czocha Castle Hotel

At Hotel Czocha Castle you will find rooms that can accommodate all. From singles to families there is a room at Hotel Czocha to suit you. The hotel offers standard, economy, and superior rooms fitting from 1 person through to families and groups of 4.

In addition to this, the Czocha Castle has 7 themed rooms to really get you in the spirit of staying at the best castle hotel in Poland. The Warlocks Room takes its inspiration from Harry Potter while the Knights Room is adorned with weapons and armor.

Hotel Czocha Castle in Poland
The amazing rooms at leśna Zamek Czocha

Double and triple standard rooms come with TV and Wi-Fi and most rooms come with a table to sit at and relax in your amazing castle rooms. Some suites have either a view over the river that runs past Castle Czocha and some have a view over the moat that you walk over to enter Zamek Czocha.

Like most castles Czocha is old and most rooms come with a private bathroom (there are 10 rooms without), all linens are supplied as well as towels. You will also find a selection of toiletries for you to use during your stay at Czocha Castle.

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Getting to Zamek Czocha

The 2 closest major access points are Wroclaw in Poland and Prague in the Czech Republic. Wroclaw in Poland is 148 kilometres away and close to 2 and half hours in driving time. Prague across the border in the Czech Republic is 151 km or 2 hours by car away.

Zamek Czocha address: Czocha Castle, Sucha, Sucha 59-820 Leśna

While Czocha is not one of the most famous castles in Poland it is definitely one of the top Poland attractions for us here at Wyld Family Travel. Czocha should be high on your list of what to see in Poland on any trip to Poland you might take!

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